Crypto traders need tax amnesty now!

Nearly 20% of the US population – 60 million crypto investors – haven’t reported all their crypto income to the IRS. They are at risk of civil and criminal penalties. They need help before the IRS cracks down.


Everyone can participate


Whether you’re at risk, know someone who is, or simply believe in fairness, you can help. We have created a crypto tax amnesty declaration and assembled links to all US senators and representatives in Congress.


Don’t worry about retaliation by the IRS. You don’t need to contact them. It’s Congress who sets the direction and they want your votes. They need to hear from you today.


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Thank you

We are launching this initiative with our own letters to the President of the United States, the Speaker of the House, the US Treasury Secretary, and the IRS Commissioner. 

A letter dated March 20, 2023, from CryptoTaxAudit addressed to Daniel Werfel, US Commissioner of Internal Revenue. The letter appeals for a tax amnesty program for virtual currency investors. It notes that only 5% of individual tax returns last year affirmed cryptocurrency income, and suggests that without amnesty, aggressive IRS enforcement could trigger backlash. The proposed amnesty features include forgiving prior crypto income underreporting, paying tax plus interest on the past three years, and penalties for failure to file or pay would not be assessed. It also mentions FBAR filing for the last six years without penalties, given a reasonable cause.
The conclusion of a letter with a handwritten signature from Clinton J. Donnelly, Enrolled Agent and President of CryptoTaxAudit LLC. It includes a polite thank you note and a hope for consideration of the proposed crypto tax amnesty program. The contact email is provided. Below the signature, there is a footnote referencing a Coinbase survey on American adults owning cryptocurrency